Yesterday was definitely an of Montreal love day for me. In the afternoon I finally got Hissing Fauna on vinyl. I listened to them forever, then in the evening I went to SF to see them once more at Slims. <3 The band was brilliant as always. I have always been such a fan girl for BP so I was thrilled when he performed a song as Space Trucks! oM played songs dating back to Satanic Panic, I wish they would have done some even older ones but it was still amazing. Before I knew it the show was over and my voice was gone. I met BP after the show!! He signed an instax of my birthday pinata and made small talk for a bit.

I can’t lie I was in awe. I expected him to sign it and run off, but he stood there and actually started talking to me. Okay, that’s it! My writing is the same as when I speak, awkward, so… The end. :) 

oM <3

It is almost four am, I just got home and I am exhausted. But… I saw of Montreal again tonight. Overall my day/night was lovely. More to come tomorrow. :)

Finally ordered Room on Fire on vinyl. <3

Cannot wait!